Eddy arnold butterfly-if you could only love me now

First of all, I am not a record dealer or even collector. I buy and see comics mostly, but when I come across something interesting, collectible, and what I think is reasonable, I buy it. So... when I saw a group of 45's being offered at an estate sale with a large amount of Elvis records, I jumped. I do not have guides for these, so I went to "completed items" on eBay and saw that Elvis records seem to bring anywhere from $3 to 100's of dollars each! Not wanting to spend too much time in these, I put up 5 groups of 45's - 3 groups of about 20 Elvis 45's (all of which sold already), another group of about 100 Country and Western 45's, and another group of about 100 Pop/Top 40 singles from approximately the 80's. Check my other items. Put "records" in the search. Thanks

Eddy Arnold Butterfly-If You Could Only Love Me Now